Masterclass From Local Expert On Growing Orchids

We’re pleased to be able to announce an upcoming set of classes for our visitors to learn how to grow and care for orchids. They’re well known to be one of the more temperamental types of plants, and we all know the feeling when we realise we’ve forgotten to water something for weeks, only to find it dying and beyond help.

Local orchid guru William Morris will be coming in to see us over the second half of 2017, talking to our visitors about the tips and tricks he uses himself to grow some very impressive orchids.

The classes will be free to attend, as they’re funded by charitable donations, although it would be fantastic if anyone attending would be able to give up an hour or two of their time to volunteer to help us with either our normal activities, or maybe even support a future fundraiser. Hopefully that sounds like a good deal to you, many of our wonderful volunteers start by coming along once or twice and end up returning regularly as we’re a friendly bunch!

If you’d like to join us to learn from William, we’d love to welcome you. Pop in before the end of September to find out more, and in the meantime, you can do your homework by visiting William’s orchid website.