Are We Watching You?

If you’ve now been to see us, thank you!

A few of our visitors have noticed that there a video cameras around the grounds which have been installed while we were closed before our grand opening. We’ve decided to tell you a little more about why they’re here, and why we’ve taken steps to install them. Firstly, as a result of the fire breaking out, we’ve spent a lot of time with the Fire Service, looking into things we can do better in future to prevent any problems or other disasters occurring. To be clear, we don’t have any reason to believe that there was foul play involved, but had we had cameras back then, we would have probably known for sure.

We’ve intentionally chosen to use camera fitters that understand what we’re about here, so have spent some time working with CCTV to find a solution that isn’t all about Big Brother, at least not for us anyway. What we’ve tried to do, is to use modern technology to not only enhance security, but to serve our visitors too. Very soon, we hope to be switching the cameras on, and they’ll be used not only by our on site security team, but also by visitors to our website. The idea is that you’ll be able to see what’s going on, even from the comfort of your own home. There’s a few exciting developments to come that are still under wraps, but one thing we can share is that most video cameras are not fixed, so we’re working on letting you control them from your web browser!

We’re really excited about this project, and hope you are too. As people have noticed the presence of the cameras, we thought it was important to explain why we’ve taken the unusual decision to make them so clearly visible, and in due course we’ll erect signage around the grounds to make people aware that they need to smile! They’re not switched on yet, so don’t worry, no-one’s snapped you yet.