All New Landscaped Gardens – Now Open!

After a much longer than anticipated absence, we’re finally back with our brand new website. Ananas are now back in action after the disastrous events of 2013 which caused us to close down for a little under two years.

The gardens are now open to the public once again, after a significant period of being closed, and there’s an all new look and feel to enjoy. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve added an all new play zone for children, including huge slides and adventure playground. There’s lots to do for all ages, so big kids can relive their youth climbing in the trees and plummeting down the death slide in the barn area.

Of course, we still cater for our nature loving guests as we always have done, and with the experts from our local area and focus group we’re very impressed with the results. There’s now three clearly marked routes around the park, featuring a two mile, five mile and ten mile footpath to enjoy, while taking in the beautiful countryside that Ananas is set in, as well as the countless flower bed, lawns and sculptures that line the footpaths.

We really need to thank the residents in the local area for putting up with all of the renovation work that has been going on over the last few years, whether that’s the builders skips being delivered from Doncaster or the workmen coming to work every morning to transform our parkland into the wonderful result we see today. If you live within a three mile radius of the park, please make yourself known to our team upon arrival, and we’ll be pleased to arrange an annual pass for you and your family to use by way of a thank you!

As you know, we pride ourselves on looking after our guests, so are looking forward to having the opportunity to meet each and every one of our visitors over the coming months until we close for the winter. It has been a very long road to re-open, but we’ve finally got there, and eagerly await our next meeting.

Once again, thanks for putting up with the extended wait, and we hope you’re as excited as we are about your next visit!